Stigmas Connected to Women and Sex

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“You are a woman”. “Act like a lady”. “No man will ever want you if you don’t carry yourself like a lady”. “Don’t you want a husband?”. “Act like a lady, think like a man”. These are all saying I’m sure every female has heard at least once in her life. I surely have. But why doesn’t anybody ever tell a man to think like a woman? Or act like a damn lady. But, it’s okay for women to think like a man but we better not act like one. That’s just too funny to me. As an ardent feminist, why are men getting away with so much when it comes to sex? The double standards are ridiculous. Why do we always get the shorter end of the stick? Why do we have to “respect” ourselves? But nobody is telling a man that is having sex with multiple women that he needs to “respect” himself. I had this conversation with somebody the other day. He brought up an interesting point. He said that for women we have to lay down and essentially open up our legs to get penetrated by a man. He said “that’s a vulnerable position. You have to literally lay down on your back with your legs wide open. And for men we don’t do that. We are just in and out.” Him stating this had me thinking. Men want us to be submissive. As women we are naturally submissive. Right? That’s how we are raised and brought up. Being vocal is showing dominance. The bedroom is typically the man’s “playground”. He’s the dominant one. He leads the way and we are supposed to do what just lay there? What a joke. 

Ladies don’t let your body count be higher than two. No man will ever want you once you reach that 3rd body count. Yes, you read that right. Do you hear how stupid that sounds? Why are we even concerned about a body count? What happened before you shouldn’t even matter. I’ve never asked a guy what his body count was. But when it comes to women that seems to be the topic at hand. You could be a relationship “hopper”. Had six plus boyfriends, had sexual intercourse with all of them. Does this make you a terrible person? OMG! Your body count is now six. What are you going to do? You are never going to get married. No man will ever want you now. It just all sounds so stupid to me.  

Having sex is how the world populates. The world would end without sex. It has to be done. But under the correct circumstances, right? I have to be married before I lay down and open up my legs. It all sounds good really good. But it’s not realistic. It’s just not happening anymore. People are losing their virginities earlier and earlier. But why is this? If you ask me, I believe it’s all because of the internet. It’s at the palm of our hands now. We have access to literally everything now. Kids are having kids. And parents are handing kids an iPad at 1-2 years old to get them out of their face. No communication is being done in the household. So, sex education is for sure not being done. Nobody eats at dinner tables anymore. Everything is revolved around our phones, the internet and or television. We need to educate our youth. Sex is something that needs to be talked about. We can’t avoid it. And if we try to “avoid” the discussion what are the repercussions? Teenage pregnancies? Single mom? STD’s? 

There is such a stigma when it comes to talking about sex. And honestly I’m just sick and tired of it. Like how do you think you got here? Grow up. Am I not a “lady” because I talk about sex? Do I not respect myself? Will I ever find a husband? Or will I just keep running everybody off because I am so vocal about sex? Sex needs to be the topic of discussion in households. Sex education is important. Whether you are talking to your children about sex or talking to your significant other. It has to be done people. 

Nurse Lew does not condone premarital sex. In no shape or form am I trying to persuade anyone to participate in such activities. Nurse Lew is here purely to educate since y’all momma and daddies don’t wanna do it. 

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