Is Sex on the First Date Acceptable?


Is sex on the first date acceptable? Or does it even matter? Fellas, can you take a girl serious (potentially wife her) if y’all have sex on the first date? What if the chemistry between the two of you is just so crazy; y’all can’t help but go home and get it on? Or does she have to “hold out” so that you can take her serious? And how long does she have to “hold out” to be respected? These are all questions that need answers. And of course, Nurse Lew did a little research on this topic so let’s get into what I found.

According to Cosmopolitan experts say “Hell Yes. Get it girl! (But only if you want to!)” Hmm.. but only if you “want” to? The word “want” stuck out to me. We “want” to do a lot of things but don’t because of the consequences. Ex. I want to quit my job, but I don’t because my consequence would be no income. No income, no money. I’m broke. And who wants to be broke? Do y’all get what I’m trying to say here? So, I dug a little deeper and researched some more on the topic at hand. Because “only if you want to” wasn’t a good enough answer for me. 

Safety should be your number one concern when thinking about having sex on the first date. Sorry this is the nurse in me kicking in people. LOL How well do you know this person? Have they been tested? Have they recently slept with somebody else? What about yourself? When was the last time you had sex? When was the last time you were tested? Yes, you can wear a condom. But STD’s and STI’s can also be spread orally. So that’s just something to think about as well. And let me tell y’all a little secret. *looks around the room* SHHH…Guess what… if you masturbate before your date you won’t have that “urge” to have sex with a guy you just met. And if you do still have an urge after the date, guess what… go home and masturbate again and go to bed. Problem solved. You don’t like to masturbate? Well guess what sis you must be doing something wrong. Stay tuned. A blog on how to masturbate is coming soon.  

Another pointer; for your first date stay away from bars. Or getting “hammered”. As we all know drunk goggles give us poor judgement. And you don’t want to be like Jamie Foxx blame it on the alcohol. Waking up the next morning regretting everything you just did. So, let’s just stay away from drinking at least for the first date. Have him take you to dinner.  And you drink a nonalcoholic beverage. Problem solved. Judgement completely intact. 

Word to the wise, though: Before you hop into bed, just be clear on what you’re looking for a relationship? Casual sex? That way you can both make informed choices and be honest about your expectations. Once again it all boils down to communication. Are y’all catching on to how tremendously vital communication is? Without it no relationship will last. Your sex life will be trash. You’ll be sitting around asking yourself why, when in actuality all you have to do is open up your mouth and communicate. Crazy right? I know. So hard.

But at the end of the day even after all these facts, it’s still your body and you can do whatever the hell you want with it. If sex on the first date is something that you want to do, then baby go for it! Just be safe, use protection. 

Like I always conclude all my blogs. Nurse Lew does not condone premarital sex. 😉 I LOVE Y’ALL ! PEACCEEE !

*Feel free to comment below or shoot me an email on any topics you want me to discuss. 

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