Shhh… I’m Revealing A Secret: How To Give Your Man The Best Orgasm Of His Life

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Like Destiny’s Child’s said in hit song “Cater 2 u” “I’m gon’ fulfill you, mind, body and spirit.” Ladies…ladies…ladies or even men, when it comes to pleasing our man it’s definitely something, we all desire to do. We want our man to be satisfied, we want to please him. We want him to be happy with our sex. So, let’s take things to the next level. What if I told you that you could give your man the best orgasm of his life with these 4 tips? Does this make you want to keep reading? Come on let’s learn a few things and have your man thank me later.

For starters foreplay is where is all begins. Foreplay is well known as the sexual acts or behaviors prior to intercourse. Foreplay is a mental buildup of arousal in which you and your partner start to feel sexual tension, which increases pleasure for when you do start sexing. The passionate kissing, the way your hands caress your partner’s body. Knowing your partner’s “spots” and attacking. The list goes on, there are so many ways to enjoy foreplay. It’s very important to spend time engaging in foreplay before heading to the bedroom.

Which brings me to Edging. Edging is the act of stopping and starting sex to reset your orgasm timer. Build up until you are close to orgasm, then slow things down for about 20 secs or so.  Part of giving him an amazing orgasm is recognizing when he’s about to hit the big O. When you’re in bed with your partner, pay attention to his tell-tale signs. Does he start twitching? Does his breathing increase? Is he moaning louder? Once you can tell when he’s on the fast-track to O-town you’ll be able to increase his pleasure tenfold.

Don’t stop using your hands. You can multitask using your mouth and fingers all kinds of ways during sex. Try playing with his balls, scratch his back, grab his buttock as soon as you realize he is about to orgasm or even stroke his shaft while you’re having intercourse. It’s all about sensory overload, make him feel mind-blown in so many different ways that he doesn’t know how to act.

If you are into it Prostate Stimulation can lead to insane orgasms. It’s not everybody’s thing I get it. But don’t knock it until you try it. Reaching around back while you are having intercourse can drive him wild. “I am now all about prostate orgasms,” says Brian, 25. “I was really hesitant to try it, but seriously, a finger in the butt is some next-level stuff during sex.”

And lastly which I didn’t include in my four tips, but it definitely plays a factor is being in love. Love intensifies orgasms. The love hormone oxytocin is expelled when two people are in love exchanging energy through sex. Having sex with your partner is literally soul tying you guys together. It’s an unexplainable feeling but amplifies intercourse tremendously there for orgasms are more intense.   

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