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5 Signs You're Falling In Love

The butterflies, the constant desire to want to talk or be around them. When you first start crushing hard on someone, the feelings can get really intense and there’s a sense of excitement that’s difficult to describe. It’s believed to be pretty similar to when you’re falling in love for real. Because of that, it can be hard to distinguish between love and like, or even infatuation.

According to experts these 5 signs can help you decipher if the feelings are real and might finally be in love.


  1. You’re gitty and maybe even nervous around this person. When you’re in love, you’re genuinely a happier person. You are on a natural high. The thought of spending time with your partner really excites you. Being in love makes you nervous. You’re anxious for what the future holds, because you know you want this relationship to last.
  2. Your relationship feels easy. Being with your partner isn’t hard work. While all couples have disagreements when you’re both in love, your priority is your relationship, not your pride. You can’t imagine your life without this person. Even one day apart feels like forever.
  3. This person is on your mind literally all the time. When you’re in love, your partner is always in the back of your mind, but it isn’t overwhelming.
  4. You get jealous. A little bit of jealousy is totally normal. But let’s not take it too far. Trust your partner and understand they have a life outside of you as well. It’s not all about you.
  5. You start feeling a sense of empathy towards your partner. When you’re in love, you start seeing your partner as an extension of yourself. So, when your partner is hurt, nervous or really excited about something like getting a new job, then you experience the same feelings as them.


    Enjoy the journey. Love is a beautiful thing. Throwing the L word around is a pet peeve of mine. Love is special. Love is kind. Don’t let it slip off of your fingertips. If you answered yes to all 5 of these statements, then guess what? Congratulations you are in love honey! Bask in it. Enjoy it. Wishing you all true love! LOVE Y’ALL!

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