4 Signs That You Are Unhappy in Your Relationship

& Forcing It

Many people choose to stay in unhappy relationships because of the familiarity, the comfort, stability or even just the plain ol’ fear of leaving and actually being alone. Staying in an unhappy relationship isn’t necessarily the best solution. If you are constantly trying to “fix” the relationship and you aren’t receiving that same energy from your partner it may be best to just walk away and actually be alone. Even though being alone is thought of as “scary”. No one wants to be alone. But what if being alone was the only way you could truly find yourself in order to be the best version of yourself for the partner for your dreams? Do you think you would leave then? Everybody deserves to be in a happy relationship. We all deserve to feel wanted and appreciated. Any relationship that does not fulfill those needs is not one worth staying in. 

Here are 4 signs that your relationship may be making you unhappy and putting a strain on your mental health.

  1. Your relationship stresses you out more than it satisfies you. If you feel exhausted with your partner and no longer feel that connection with them this is indeed a sign you are unhappy in your relationship. A relationship should never feel one sided. Do you constantly feel like you are “nagging” to your partner? Are you voicing your concern about things and nothing is changing? You may need to hit the exit door friend. A relationship should motivate you, delight you, you should feel alive and on a natural high from the relationship. Don’t mistake all of this for a perfect relationship. A perfect relationship does not exist, that is not what we are looking for. One day you may love your partner and the next you might not like them. This is normal. But the good needs to outweigh the bad. We cannot continuously have bad days. This is indeed draining for any bodies mental health.
  2. You would prefer to spend time with your friends or family. If you do not want to spend time with your partner that says a lot about your unhappiness in the relationship. If you feel this way you need to ask yourself why? If it is something that can be fixed when communicated to your partner, then do so. Communication is key and so very important for a successful relationship. No relationship will survive without it. If communicating to your partner does not change anything then it’s probably best to kick that exit door.
  3. You feel trapped or suffocated. You should never feel trapped in a relationship. If you feel this way you need to ask yourself why and find some solutions. Nobody wants to feel like a prisoner in their own relationship. Your relationship should make you feel liberated. A relationship should never make you feel like you are a burden.
  4. You do not feel sexually attracted to your partner. The desire to have sex with your partner should never go away completely. I understand the longer the relationship it can lose its spice and sex can decline. If this is a new relationship or y’all are not married yet the desire to have sex with your partner should most definitely be there and if it’s not, we need to start asking ourselves some questions as to why that desire to have sex with your partner is lacking. Having the desire to have sex with your partner, and not actively pursuing your feelings because maybe you guys just aren’t there yet. Guess what! You can still voice your desires to your partner. As humans we want to feel wanted. This is completely normal. Let your partner know how you feel.

Communication is important. If you can resonate with any of these four signs and you have not yet communicated with your partner these issues then I suggest you communicate now! If this doesn’t help resolve some of the issues then use the exit door. Unhappy relationships are not beneficial for a positive mental health. Unhappy relationships are draining; emotionally, spiritually and physically. You and your partner should be thriving together not bringing each other down. Always choose you first. You have to be your best self to be able to make anybody else happy. Wishing you all a happy healthy relationship and an abundance of love. 

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