5 Signs That Your Partner is A Narcissist

What is a narcissist? Narcissists are typically deemed as manipulative, controlling, vain, and selfish. Narcissists always have to be right. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is an actual medical condition that can have devasting effects on people around them. NPD comes with an inflated and unrealistic sense of self-importance, a lack of empathy for others and an excessive need for attention and admiration. With these traits it’s nearly impossible to be in a loving, healthy relationship. But let’s not confuse narcissistic behavior with self-love or self-confidence. You can have self-love and self-confidence and still have empathy for others around you.


In the beginning of the relationship, otherwise known as the honeymoon phase, the narcissist will put on the act making you feel like you have met your perfect partner. But it won’t take long for little red flags to start popping up; such as unrealistic demands, outbursts of anger when they don’t get their way. Oh, and they love to jab at your self-esteem! A typical person would ignore these little signs at first and just hope it’s a bad day/ bad mood and that it’ll soon pass. But it won’t take long before you are isolated away from your family and friends and have nobody to turn to for help or advice. Narcissists are great actors, playing the role of the caring supportive partner in the beginning and then quickly shifting gear and showing you who they really are. It’s common to encounter people who suffer from narcissist personality disorder.


Want to identify a narcissist quickly? Here are 5 quick questions to ask yourself.


  1. Does he or she loose interest when they are not the center of attention?
  2. Is your partner always fishing for compliments?
  3. Are most of the conversations about them, whether you try to change the subject or not?
  4. Is this person manipulative? Making you feel bad about putting yourself first? Or making you feel bad about wanting to do something for yourself?
  5. Do you find this person repeatedly using people just to get what they want and then discarding them when their own needs are met?

Narcissists have a sense of entitlement. They always have to be the center of attention. They want and expect the whole world to revolve around them. And when it doesn’t, they get upset and angry. Once you learn the signs, it’s easier to spot a narcissists.  If you believe you are dating one, run. Run. Run. Run. Emotional abuse is heightened in these types of relationships. Which is horrible for anybody’s mental health. Mental Health matter. Put yourself first. Your partner should never be manipulative. They should never belittle you. They should love and respect you. Let’s normalize healthy relationships! Wishing you all a happy healthy relationship!

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