What to Do When Your Man is Taking forever to Propose

So, let me guess; you are reading this article because you have been in a relationship for a couple years and he has yet to get down on one knee.  What is he waiting for you ask? Are you doing something wrong? It is totally normal to expect your man to propose to you when you have been in an exclusive relationship for quite some time. But yet here you are waiting around while he is taking forever to pop the question. If he hasn’t proposed after a couple of years of being in a relationship, you might need to sit down and consider a few things before taking any action.

Have you and your partner even discussed marriage? A lot of women assume that men also think that being in a long-term relationship implies getting married at some point. To be honest I have no idea why any woman would assume a man is thinking marriage. Not to bash men or anything, but they are a completely different breed. They need cues most of the time. Men get comfortable and then that’s that. If they feel the relationship is going great as “boyfriend and girlfriend”, and you as a woman haven’t brought up the “M” word. He for sure isn’t going to bring it up. He’s content. He’ll never get down on one knee now. Because in a man’s mind “Why would I mess things up trying to propose when things are going great?” When in actuality they should be thinking “Wow! Things are going great I should propose to my partner!”

Not treating your man like a husband before you actually have a ring on your finger is another rule every woman should live by. When I say do not treat your man like a husband, I mean “shacking up” or living together has to be out the door. Once you both move in together the “wifely” duties start pouring in. You are cooking, cleaning and washing his clothes. Before you know it, you both will have been living together for ten plus years and no ring. Time flies. Now don’t get me wrong some couples are ok with this. Some people aren’t worried about getting married or don’t believe in it and nothing is wrong with that at all. But this article is for women who are trying to get a ring. If you want a ring, I suggest no “shacking up”. Give him an ultimatum. Tell him to get down on one knee and show you that he is committed to you and then you both can move in together. Don’t fall for the foolery moving in before a ring is on your finger. It’s just buying him more time to prolong his proposal, that’s if he ever gets down on one knee.

You cannot force somebody to propose to you obviously. But communicating on the topic of marriage and an ultimatum are two things that you can do. What you want is what you want, and it is only a matter for you to know if the person you are in a relationship with is willing to give it to you or not.

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