3 Oral Sex Tips : That Will Make Her Scream

Pleasing your woman in every aspect when it comes to sex is what everybody aspires to do, right? Eating vagina, going down on someone, giving head, giving top, licking out, whatever you want to call oral sex, it can be pleasurable for women and people with vaginas. So, if you’ve ever wondered how to eat somebody out so well that you make her scream, well, here’s a step by step eating pussy guide courtesy of Nurse Lew with expert tips of course. According to these experts do these steps and you can make someone orgasm within three minutes.

Step 1: Caress her body with your lips. Make your way south of the border. Small kisses from her neck down to their pelvic region. Once you get to her pelvic region don’t kiss her pussy just yet. Kiss around her pussy, kiss her inner thighs, up her belly. Making her crave for you to finally get to her vagina.  

Step 2: Make eye contact while you are kissing her inner thighs making your way to her pelvic region. Kiss her pelvic region and then make your way to her outer labia, then move to her inner labia. Use sensual kisses. Add a massage. As you are kissing her body, use your hands to rub her body, grab her butt, rub her thighs. (Notice we have not even touched the clitoris yet) This is for a reason. Keep reading these steps. I got you.

Step 3: Now we are ready to lick the clitoris. Use a flat tongue or a pointed tongue around the clitoris. Pulsate the tongue. Use a slow buildup of pleasure over a sustained stroke. Doing too much keeps her nervous system from settling into the pleasure. Moving your tongue all over the place and not focusing on one spot i.e the clitoris will have you down there for hours trying to give your girl have an orgasm. Jaws “gon” have locked up by then. Focus on the clitoris. Some women are too sensitive directly on their clitoris and would rather you lift up the hood, you can kiss, lick, and suck slightly below the hood. Pay attention to when she really starts getting turned on and bucking her pelvis. As she gets turned on her clitoris will become harder and bigger. Keep going. Increase the pressure and increase the speed. She’ll be orgasming in no time


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