energy orgasm

Having an energy orgasm is one of the most astronomically magical experiences. Some people say it feels like plugging into the universe and receiving the most magic like, electrical like energy. I want to emphasize that anybody can experience this! You definitely have to learn how to do this, but its attainable for everybody. Once you learn how to do this it’s so liberating!  You learn that the ecstasy is actually within you! An energy orgasm involves the separation of the experience of orgasm from the stimulation required for physical climax. You do not need a partner to have an energy orgasm, this is strictly solo and within yourself. How crazy is that right? But don’t get me wrong you can also enjoy this experience with a partner. But the orgasm comes from within yourself. So, when it comes to having this experience with a partner it’s more of a shared experience than a dependence. Ok, let’s get into how to experience this magical energy.

Step 1: Lay down and relax. Feel as if you are legit breathing with your pussy/penis. Become one with your body. Contact the consciousness of your pussy/penis, as if you are meditating. Your pussy/ penis should feel like pure ecstasy and pleasure. Grab on to that feeling you feel when you are having the best sexual experience of your life and the way that your vagina/penis feels at that exact time. But no stimulation is being done to the vagina/penis this is all mental.

Step 2: Breathing. What you do need are the three major keys to moving energy in tantra, which are breath, sound, and movement. Using these three keys, you can practice “running” your sexual energy throughout your body, whether you’re engaged in sensual play or alone, and you can amp it up until it spills over into energetic orgasm. Really focus on your breathing and the fact that you do not need somebody else to make you feel pleasure down there. Notice how I have not even asked you to touch your vagina/ penis. With an energy orgasm there is no stimulation being done to your clitoris or vagina/ penis, this is all mental. Orgasms stem from the brain! Let me repeat that again, orgasms stem from the brain! Some say it’s like getting fucked by the universe. LOL!

For some it will take time to actually conquer this experience. If you do not get it on the first try its okay, don’t let that get you discouraged keep trying, it takes practice. Soon you’ll be experiencing energy orgasms over and over again. Then you’ll be running to share/ teach this magical experience with other people. 🙂

energy orgasm
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