It's a question many are dying to know the answer to

So, I went on an internet hunt to find out exactly how long foreplay should last according to experts. Well let’s rewind a little bit… I asked a male friend how long he thought foreplay should last and his response while taking a little minute to really think it through; was three minutes. I immediately bust out laughing because where did the three minutes come from? Like why three minutes and not like five minutes or something? LOL! But then he looks at me and asks me exactly how long I think foreplay should last. I responded forty-five minutes. His eyes got so big. Haha.


Experts are saying the secret to an intense orgasm is through foreplay. Foreplay is defined in the dictionary as sexual activity that proceeds intercourse. Many couples are so eager to get to the main act that they unknowingly dismiss all the steamy steps leading up to the actual sexual act itself. But good things come to those who wait. I know so cliché, but it’s so totally true. One sex expert Kim responses with “Extended foreplay, which is exactly how it sounds; delayed gratification. A minimum of 30 minutes.” “The most satisfying sex is when it’s been delayed and extended, and then your whole body is awake and alive.” She said. “And you’re much more likely to have fully body orgasms when you do that because you’ve involved your whole body and not just your genitals. 


With all that being said; I think foreplay should last however long you would like it to last. But it just appears that the longer you extended foreplay the more intense the orgasms will be during intercourse. So, the ball is in your court people. Wishing you all a happy healthy sex life! 

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