Hey y’all, My name is Britney. I am the creator of Sexology talk with Nurse Lew. I am a Registered Nurse by night and a blogger by day. I’ve always loved girl-chats with my besties. We would all sit around in our pj’s and talk about our sex lives. I was always so intrigued listening to my girl’s stories. Some were okay with things like not having an orgasm every time and others were like “oh hell na!”. It even got so intense I had to bring a poll to my Instagram story and that’s where it all started! Yes! Sexology Talk with Nurse Lew started on Instagram. Researching the ins and outs about sex has been my new found hobby. And I love spreading the knowledge I’ve gained with listeners and them giving me their feed back once they try it on their partner. I’m like a proud momma when I hear success stories. 

Mission statement: Where stigmas regarding sex get laid to rest.

Now Nurse Lew does not condone premarital sex 😉 . This is all for educational purposes until you are married; then go try it out. Happy sex lives people! 🙂

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