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5 Dating Rules That A High Value Woman NEVER Breaks

A high value woman in my opinion, is a woman that never settles. A woman that knows her worth. Being high value has nothing to do with what is in your bank account. Being high value has everything to do with how you carry yourself. High value women carry themselves like ladies. High value women do not tolerate disrespect. High value women set the standards for how they want their partner to treat them. Are you questioning if you are a high value woman and stand out in the dating game? Well, here are 5 dating rules high value women never break.

  1. Do not reveal your feelings and intentions first. If you two have been on a few dates and the other party has yet to disclose how they feel or their intentions, then you too need to stay intriguing by not revealing your intentions. If the other party finally asks you “Are looking for a serious relationship?”,  never respond with “yes, I am looking to get married”. Rather respond with “It depends on the person I meet and if I feel they are a right fit for me”.
  2. Remain a mystery. When I say remain a mystery, I mean remain a mystery when it comes to letting the person know who you are. To put it very simply if someone has no interest in you and you refrain from giving that person information about you, nothing will happen. Because that person was never interested in the first place. But if you guys have been on a few dates then you would assume at this point that the other person is interested in you. So, if you refrain from telling the other party too much about you, you will intrigue the other party and keep them interested. In other words, just don’t spill all the beans on the first date. Let the other party ask you questions, and you answer accordingly.
  3. Do not chase after the other party if they lose interest. A high value woman does not chase after anyone. I should’ve made this the first rule. Chasing after anybody makes you appear low value and desperate. Know your worth. When a person walks away, they are clearly not interested so why would you want to chase after somebody that isn’t interested in you?
  4. Date the person that likes you, not the one you like. Waiting for the person you like closes the door for the nice guy who really likes you and has the potential to make you very happy.
  5. Walk away if the person does not meet your standards. If you are a high value woman you have to set standards and stick to your standards but also, be prepared to dip out if the person isn’t meeting your expectations. This will save you a lot of wasted time and energy with someone who isn’t right for you.
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