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I hope you guys are excited for this clitoral adventure! You can learn so much about yourself with self-pleasure, and what better way to get to know yourself than through masturbation. There are more than 8,000 nerve endings in the tip of the clitoris alone. That’s double the number of those in a penis. I’m just saying. We have too many nerve endings not to be enjoying an orgasm. Let’s get into these 5 electrifying ways to stroke your clitoris.

#1 Explore how many fingers you like when stimulating your clitoris. Is it just one finger? Two? Three? Four? All five?

#2 The Up, down and move it all around. Try moving your fingers clockwise, or counterclockwise. If you usually like going up trying going a little bit lower. Tune in with your body and really connect with your inner self to see what your body is responding well to. If you usually like going in circles, try going side to side now. Switch it up. Explore ladies.

#3 Pinch and play. Instead of rubbing your clitoris actually squeeze it. You can squeeze your clitoris by making an upside down peace sign with your hand and placing your clitoris in the middle of the peace sign, the open and close the peace sign so that you are squeezing your clitoris. Or you can use your pointer finger and your thumb, which ever feels best to you. This is your world.

#4 Slow Strokes, with this one you can use your pointer finger along with your middle finger and just stroke slowing up and down your clitoris, start from the hood for your clitoris all the way down to the perineum. You are more than welcome to use however many fingers you would like, it’s up to you. Breath work is important while you are slow stroking your clitoris. Inhale, take a deep breath as you stroke. Try to really be present in the moment, nothing else matters right now but the sensation you are feeling as you stroke your clitoris.

#5 The Pleasure Disco This one is the most common one. I know you have seen a dj, dj. Well, you are just dj’ing that clitoris baby girl. You can go however fast or slow, which ever feels best to you. Listen to your body!

Did you cum yet? 🙂

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